One negative thing about these cars in stock form, is the exhaust manifold is known to crack over time.

To prevent any worry in the future I decided to swap this now, rather than spending the money on getting it mapped,to then have the manifold crack.

There are a couple of options on the market. The cheapest being the Janspeed but after reading comments/threads of these cracking I wanted to stay clear.

The middle option was the Dynodaze manifold (which is the one I went for). The third option was Gizfab. Although it was more money, whether it offered more gains I'm unsure.

I think what swayed my decision was the aesthetics of the manifold. The Gizfab one just looked weird and not as nice as the Dynodaze. Here are some photos fresh out of the box

I visited the local main dealer to buy new gaskets and hardware, mainly in preperation of said snapping bolts.

There were numerous posts on the owners page regarding bolts and studs snapping but not a great deal of info on the actual process.

I didn't film the actual working, mainly because it took me almost 2 days to do. Plus I'd be spending many hours bleeping out all of the swearing haha


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