Time to start the "Progress" part of this blog now.

First up, at the end of November i went ahead and removed the frankly terrible tinted rear lights for my spare set of stock ones. They're missing a lug on each light but hopefully they will still seal fine.

While summoning the energy to drive to the garage and do stuff, i got some cool things in the post such as:

This absolutely amazing 80's style holofoil horn button from Revlimiter who also spoiled me with the sheer amount of stuff packed in with the order!

Just check out that shiny!

I also received my first 2 of 5 excellent new books called SUPER from Rich Duisberg of MotorPunk fame, available off Amazon. They're all about obscure or abandoned garages & filling stations around different parts of the country. My nerd side is fully excited by all this. https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/

Then having finally got round to cutting off my old stubborn poly exhaust hangers that i couldn't get back off the exhaust i last had. I tried out a Cybox, then a Borla, but the Cybox was striking my driveshaft and the Borla would have been good but i luckily came into possession of this awesome Mazdaspeed exhaust (the Borla is underneath it in the below picture...now on Fizbne's car again and spitting FLAMES)

Then on Christmas Eve i went down to the garage and got on with it

I was extremely shocked when it fitted with no issues (so far), can't wait to get the car running well enough to take it for a drive now. But until then, here's some revs

That's me done for a bit, with any luck the new year will bring more funtimes!


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