Having been using forums for quite a number of years (I think I started using them circa 2004) I've always enjoyed the whole process.

I'm abit late to the party, but I've decided to attempt a Vlog along side the forum posts. It's going to take some time building up my confidence because I hate talking infront of a camera but I'm sure they'll improve as time goes on.


The first intro video can be found here


The first proper video was a 'How To' for Colt owners on removing the front suspension, in preperation for changing the springs.


Coilovers were out of my budget as I wanted to purchase a couple of other modifications. I went with some 35mm H&R lowering springs.

When I first purchased the car, the LH strut mount was knocking badly. A pair of pattern parts along with new bearings were purchased from eBay along with new dust covers from my work.

Not owning a pair of spring compressors I asked a friend to help out

Although the shock bodies look absolutely terrible, they work and don't leak. So I wire brushed them and gave them a coat of black hammerite spray

Gave the wiper arms a coat of paint in Gloss tough black paint that I used on the Micra

While the shocks were removed I took the chance to wire brush, rust treat and underseal the inner arches. I won't bore you with photos of every arch so here's just one

Once the car was back on the ground, I took it for a test drive. Thats when I encountered a new noise. Here's a video explaining it and how I've fixed it for now



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